AU – Education, collaboration & innovation

Aarhus University is one of the biggest universities in Denmark and provides education in many areas. The department of engineering and the sub-department “Ingeniørhøjskolen” has a great focus on innovation and development. The department works with knowledge and education in engineering and getting the most recent information about the market in engineering.

Aarhus University collaborated with WeZimplify in relation to innovation & engineering. The project focused on education in customer insights & lean start up.

Aarhus University-Ingeniørhøjskolen has an aim to educate students with the mindset of entrepreneurs. This is both to build your business together with strong partners, but also on how to fail fast and try out your product and business model together with customers and partners. To reach this target – Aarhus University partnered up with WeZimplify to support the process of learning and educate the students on, how to both develop and test their solutions together with important stakeholders.

The cooperation was tried out with both 1. Semester and 6th-semester students working and studying entrepreneurship. The purpose was both to test the WeZimplify platform in a university context and learn the student to use data on their way in the development of new offerings and businesses. Both with the approach of involving stakeholders, asking the right tasks and questions, and using the data afterward.

The value Aarhus University got:

  • Introduction to the link between WeZimplify and the lean startup methods and processes from early idea to final launch.
  • Learning the process of agile development with the stakeholders in mind
  • Learning to ask the right questions and use the data afterward
  • Match between potential stakeholder experts and projects made by students
  • The students learned how important a presentation and pitch of their project is and can be

“The learning and combination of using WeZimplify as a foundation for learning the students of, how important it is to involve potential customers and stakeholders from an early idea to a final launch was a really great experience, with a lot of learnings for our further work.”
– Mia Louise Justesen – Aarhus University”