BioMar sets focus on digital offerings

BioMar is one of the worlds largest producers and distributors of fish food for especially salmon. The company has offices all over the world and has a strong focus on both sustainability & digitalisation.

Problem & Solution

As a part of one of the company’s new digital solutions within sustainability, BioMar wanted to work differently and get input from internal stakeholders within sales and business development, across the globe.

The purpose was to create ownership from internal relevant stakeholders and to use expert knowledge globally to be able to both test the potential of the idea and to co-create further on the idea and concept development for this new digital solution.

The company decided to use WeZimplify as a common platform for gathering input and comment on the ideas and input for the new solutions.

The value:

  • WeZimplify is easy to use to gather input and feedback on our idea across several countries at one time.
  • The data collected in WeZimplify gave a good overview.
  • It was effective to collect the data

“We experienced WeZimplify gave us high value in getting input fast and ensuring involvement across the organization for our new concept proposal. The possibility to collect and add all contacts and emails in one step, it saves time and helps to see the engagement and reply rate. Furthermore the possibility to select different categories (business, innovation, product features etc.) as a part of your survey and it created a valuable overview of the results, which helped us see where to focus and which decisions to prioritize.”
Michael Gammelgaard – Business Director, BioMar