Customer insights as a driver for digital sustainable solutions and growth

DEIF is a global supplier of green, safe and reliable power control solutions for decentralized power generation on land and at sea.

From a range of power sources, including diesel generators, solar panels and wind energy, to various applications such as hospitals and data centres, industrial manufacturing, switch boards, and air traffic control, power needs to flow without interruptions, efficiently, safely, and in a climate-friendly manner. This requires the ability to deliver a unique controller to handle different areas and this is what DEIF does.

DEIF offers control solutions for various applications, from genset controllers, PLCs, and advanced power management solutions to electrical switchboards and cutting-edge wind power technology.

The Problem

As a part of the development of the future IE250 Controller, DEIF wanted to work even more customer-focused from idea to product launch.Their goal was to achieve faster time to market, ensure a higher customer engagement, and deliver increased value and a higher success rate, when launching the product.

Furthermore, DEIF needed to shift their focus toward new digital business models and opportunities, when working with the development project and go-to market project. This change was due to a new product offering, and a fresh perspective on market approaches.

To work differently DEIF started a cooperation with WeZimplify/Zimplify to start working on an even more customer-oriented approach from idea generation to product launch.

How did we create the IE250?

Based on a cross-organisational team, DEIF & WeZimplify collaborated to identify future and existing customers relevant for the new solution. This, combined with market trends and opportunities, enables us to set a future direction for the DEIF customer experience, with specific focus on delivering customer value across the entire value chain.

We actively engaged with and interviewed customers in three European countries, conducting tests, trying out new ideas and presented future solutions. Gathering this valuable input, supported the final IE250 product. It enhanced the user experience, streamlined the user interface, improved on the installation and commissioning process and enhanced the after sales service. Additionally, it played an essential role in defining the final business model for the product. The main focus is on the customer value, which we used for generating launch campaigns, and ideas along with starting to create awareness for the product.

The result has been showing a significant interest for the IE250 controller, in terms of sales, customer engagement and involvement in the sales team, who feel a strong sense of ownership due to their early involvement.

The value DEIF gained:

  • A strong focus on understanding and communicating the customer value instead of technical features.
  • Working with a clear direction for the DEIF customer experience leading to new business opportunities from early commissioning to product use.
  • A fresh outside approach in understanding and involving customers and sales employees in product development and engagement.
  • A more efficient process for getting products to market from idea to launch.
  • An internal commitment to a product backed by facts related to customer experiences.
  • High sales results for the IE250

“The cooperation with WeZimplify – Zimplifi has been a positive experience. We have learned to work strategically with customer experience, customer value & involvement as a driver for growth & development from idea to launch. The ability to work across professional areas within our company, and create commitment for the project & customer insights of relevance for the further development, has been of high value for us in DEIF…”
Rene Poulsen – Product Manager IE250