Dynatest – using insights for business development

Dynatest is a Danish company located in both Europe & US. The company is the pavement industry’s global partner on pavement evaluation solutions. The company develops, manufactures, and service equipment and software that defines the industry standard. With more than 40 years of experience, the company delivers seamless 360° solutions based on innovative, market-leading expertise.

Problem and Solution

Dynatest was acquired 2 years ago by ELTRONIC Group and have been in a turn around as a company. The company are one of the most professional suppliers of their teqhnical equipment, but based on the earlier aquirement, the company needed to set a new strong direction for their business.

Together with the management team – Sara Schøler Lass lead the change process of both developing a new business strategy focusing on new offerings, business models & Go2Market & the cultural change. As a part of this process, customer & partner insights was a core foundation to the development.

During this process, the WeZimplify platform was used as the foundation for collecting insights and involving customers & partners both on a larger scale to give input, but also through qualitative interviews, where the platform was used as a foundation for documentation, so insights can be shared across the organization.

As a result, Dynatest has a new business strategy focusing on both the core business and additional offerings & a strong service set – up, and a new sales approach. All tested and validated together with a number of selected customers and partners, and a high internal buy-in for the process and results.

Value for Dynatest

  • An outside in approach for strategy & business development
  • A more more customer-driven approach and learning of agile methodologies
  • A strategy focusing on validated business potential and focus areas
  • A very targeted approach towards future direction, offerings & the cultural focus for leadership
  • Strong communication in value propositions instead of technical features
  • A strong focus on both leadership, competencies & the structures, which need to support the direction

“For us it worked very well to ensure a solid foundation for involving the customers in the development of our strategy. No matter if it is from getting overall input for business ideas & potentials or if it is validating the potential afterwards. We used WeZimplify for collecting insights for our new business focus & afterwards to validate these with relevant customers & partners. “
Jesper Rantala – CEO, Dynatest