Growing a Business with Customer Value

Trusted A/S is a Danish company located in Silkeborg which was founded in 1999. The company specializes in the industry of IoT data tracking solutions. Trusted produces hardware trackers, which are the most durable, intelligent, and customizable tracking devices and data loggers built for industry. Matched with an online Data Portal, it is possible to analyze and visualize the condition of a company’s assets directly on a computer based on the smart sensor data.

Trusted’s state-of-the-art tracking solution is a powerful tool that offers concrete solutions to challenges across industries. Their business philosophy is characterized by a strong focus on economic stability and environmental sustainability, rooted in a local community with a holistic view of the world surrounding the company.

The Challenge

Trusted is experiencing high growth and is expanding the team with new employees. This required the company to develop processes, structures, and competencies in order to handle every customer in the best possible and professional way. To ensure a strong future direction for the Trusted Customer Experience for differentiation, customer engagement, and the growth of the company, Trusted teamed up with the WeZimplify team to work proactively and strategically with customer data and insights as a driver for growth.

Trusted, a name and DNA that are setting expectations.

Getting started required a foundational understanding of existing customers and their needs and experience. How do customers experience Trusted from early sales to installation, use, and service of a product? Did they experience they were onboarded well enough to use the solution in the best possible way, or were the flows for delivery and payment well in place? And what was the entire brand experience and expectations from the customer?

Based on interviews and customer feedback, we analyzed and mapped the existing customer experience. It turned out there were different areas that could be improved upon to achieve even greater efficiency for future business growth. Interviewing and talking to customers gave Trusted an in-depth understanding of customer needs and approaches, but it also gave the salespeople a different understanding of both the customers and their perspectives on the value Trusted creates for them as customers and their business.

Boosting the Customer’s Business and Your Own

Understanding where Trusted’s product creates value for their customers and being able to both communicate it externally and internally, and working with their customer journey and processes, so they can keep delivering unique offerings, is of high value for their company.

Based on in-depth interviews, we worked on defining a future direction for a Trusted customer experience, a customer journey for each touchpoint, prioritized touchpoints, and developed concepts and processes linked to these touchpoints to improve the customer experience and differentiation.

Customer Data for Further Growth

Ensuring a direction for a customer experience is one thing, but to make sure measurement of each touchpoint and initiatives taken are experienced in a professional way by the customer, requires continuous collection, analyzing, and measurement of data. Based on the new direction for the Trusted customer experience, WeZimplify health checks and surveys were developed and automatically set up to collect customer data from early welcome as a new customer, onboarding, use of product and support.

In this way, Trusted gains data and input from customers and can act proactively towards developing and maintaining the customers’ experience of the company. Furthermore, the company gets more and more data and can thereby use this for further growth of their company, as they get an overview and comparison of the different health checks and touchpoints of relevance for the customer experience.

The Value Trusted Gained:

  • A strong focus on understanding and communicating the customer value instead of technical features.
  • A strong and strategic direction for the Trusted customer experience and brand.
  • Effective and proactive processes and initiatives linked to the customer journey.
  • Optimization of individual touchpoints, which has improved business activities and boosted sales and growth.
  • A digital set-up and automatic handling of data foundation based on customer insights from the WeZimplify Platform.
  • The dashboard gives a good overview of the measurement of the customer experience, so we know where to focus.
  • Proactive mindset and attitude towards customer experiences.
  • Overview of competencies needed for future growth.

“The cooperation with WeZimplify – Zimplifi has been a good and professional experience. We have, within a short period of time, experienced more effective workflows and handling of tasks, due to a clear overview of processes, steps, roles, and responsibilities of relevance for taking care of the customers. We have a clear overview of our customer data and experience and can handle these proactively. We will be able to grow even more, and we believe we, by time, will be an even more differentiated customer-centric company. We can recommend Sara Schøler Lass and WeZimplify.”