Meeting equipment with a user friendly touch

Neets a part of the Biamp company has one vision: To make user-friendly interfaces for controlling technology in meeting and learning spaces. The company develops and sell meeting equipment to a large range of customers. The company experiences as a lot of other companies, more demands for digitalization and support’s this need in the best possible way.

Problem & Solution

Neets work very techical oriented, and want to transform to a company being more customer driven in their offerings for both userfriendliness & the value of their offerings.

Neets partnered up with WeZimplify to get input and validate their business case of a new system for meeting experiences.

The company wanted to transform from focus on the technical solution to work more more with the needs and the value for the user.

Value & Benefits

  • Higher focus on, what matters for the users – customers
  • Insights to, where and how we can provide unique customer experiences
  • Faster time to market & understanding of the market situation
  • Predefined questions was easy to use and set up
  • Link between value proposition & the product we offer

“It’s really a valuable shortcut that WeZimplify has pre-formulated questions in different categories & templates. WeZimplify helped us to deliver the right solution of value for the market.”
Aske Korsgaard Hjelesen – Chief Experience Officer, Neets A/S