Neets: Which business model to go for?

Neets a part of the Biamp company has one vision: To make user-friendly interfaces for controlling technology in meeting and learning spaces. The company develops and sell meeting equipment to a large range of customers. The company experiences as a lot of other companies, more demands for digitalization and support’s this need in the best possible way.

As a part of their business development, the company wanted to find out, what their future business model & go2market should look like, and what approach they should take for creating a stronger growth.

Problem & Solution

Neets develops and sell meeting equipment for hotels, meetings rooms – conference rooms ets. As many other companies, they have a very unique & user friendly product, but what matters a great product, if you choose the wrong way to the market?

Based on this approach Neets started a cooperation with Sara Schøler Lass & WeZimplify about gathering input from potential customers and purchase partners. The purpose was to identify the customer’s buying process & use it to find the best market approach for the company.

Based on into depth interviews, health checks with focus on the customers requirement for purchase of meeting equipment, it became very clear what business packages and Go2Market approach was needed to succeed with the sales for future products & solutions.

Value for Neets

  • An overview of important criteria’s for purchase managers and their demands for new equipment and the process for decision making
  • Insights of relevance for future business approach and Go2Market
  • Saved time and money – as the right approach for Go2Market was selected for prioritized product categories
  • Into depth understanding of needs in the decision making process for purchase & it managers.
  • New business models & Go2Market

“The process we had with Sara from WeZimplify definately gave us some new insights to, what matters for purchase managers & their decision process. Knowledge of big value for our work with business opportunities & directions. Furthermore it worked well to have all the insights gathered in one place together with the contact details of all the relevant stakeholders.
Aske Korshøj – Customer Experience Director, Neets