SIKA Footwear – Customer insights as a driver for growth

SIKA Footwear is a Danish company founded in 1870. SIKA has managed to produce and sell footwear meant for jobs where selected footwear is key. SIKA Footwear produces footwear for working people from nurses, entrepreneurs, and builders. From SIKA Footwears perspective different jobs and people have different needs and therefore require different products. SIKA Footwear attempts to meet these needs and improve constantly as a part of their focus on future business development.

SIKA Footwear initiated the use of customers’ opinions and experiences to improve and develop new and more useful products.

Problem & Solution

Together with WeZimplify – SIKA Footwear A/S approached the problem many waiters, front personnel etc within restaurants & hotels have during their working day. Their daily work requires they walk and stand a lot, and a high focus on comfort is needed to give them the best opportunities for a healthy life both during their time at work, and when they come home.

To solve and approach the problem, it was decided to involve a number of customers in both personal interviews and involve customers and users during focus groups, digital involvement of new concepts and ideas. The insights coming from customers and stakeholders gave a lot of valuable input and perspectives of the needs, and which features there should be in focus in the further development.

The insights was delivered and summarized both digitally through the WeZimplify platform, but also integrated into cross-organizational workshops with both designers, production people, commercial experts etc. to ensure a holistic focus on the final results of value for the future and existing customers. All touch points of relevance, taking the customers needs into consideration.

Value for SIKA Footwear

  • Clear and deep understanding of customers’ and partners’ problems and needs throughout the entire value chain.
  • Strong lead of the process from idea to launch and the involvement of customer insights
  • Focus on Value Propositions of relevance for the customer
  • Faster development time
  • Less waste of time due to a strong direction for concepts
  • A targeted design direction and specifications of value for the target group.
  • Cross organizational cooperation

“The cooperation between WeZimplify and SIKA definitely helped us to move faster towards the market and also to get insights in a new way, which in general helped the process on its way…The way of integrating customer insights into development processes is definitely an area, where we need to be even better, because there is so much value to gather from the input of your customers and users…”
Hans Löve – SIKA Footwear