Vitakraft – Building a digital brand

Vitakraft Denmark is a part of the germany group -Vitakraft. The company develops, produces and sell Petfood mainly to the retail stores. For more than a century, the company have been creating ways for pet owners to enjoy the relationship they share with their pet. The aim is to blend German tradition of quality and small batch production techniques to help craft tasty treats pet’s is sure to love!

Problem & Solution

Vitakraft Denmark is distributing their products through the detail stores, special pet stores and other distributors, but don’t have an online distribution channel. For Vitakraft Denmark there was a need to start working with their future digital direction to ensure they are able to follow the market & consumer needs for future purchase & delivery & to ensure they are able to grow their business based on future online approaches.

Based on this a cooperation started between WeZimplify & Vitakraft. The questions which was most present to get insights to – was; What are the trends within the market space, what are the needs and purchase patterns of our existing partners, customers and future partners & customers?

To solve this tasks, the needs of the existing partners, and end – consumers was mapped, the trends and digital business models and brand position was developed together with the management team.

Working with both the needs from the suppliers, the detail partners and the end. consumers gave a solid foundation for developing the future direction for the Vitakraft Denmark brand & digital approach.

WeZimplify was used a core foundation to collect insights on both the partner side and to compare insights across the different into depth talks & interviews.

The next step will be to further go online and work more digital towards the end – consumer and at the same time support the detail channels in the best possible way. As a part of this the WeZimplify platform & health checks will be used to gather insights from both early introduction of new products to detail partners & to gathering insights of effects on online campaigns for end – consumers.

Value for Vitakraft

  • A change in mindset of, what future marketing & sales approach is needed to be present for the end – consumer & the detail partners.
  • Insights of relevance for future business approach and Go2Market
  • A common direction across all nordic countries on brand, sales & digital material & messages/campaigns.
  • Into depth understanding of needs in the decision making for both end – consumers and partners.
  • A focused alignment within the management team, and a more human centered approach on both the customer experience & future sales.