WZ Dashboard

Get customer feedback easily & create unique customer experiences

WeZimplify is the simplest digital platform to start working proactively rather than reactively with your customers’ experience of your company.

WeZimplify’s Health Checks make it easy for you to get started with collecting knowledge about your customers and understanding your customers’ needs.

Create value and loyalty

WeZimplify eliminates the need for long and manual surveys. We make it simple for you to build increased customer loyalty and sustainable development. With our “Health Checks,” we have configured the questions for you. We automatically collect feedback from your customer groups (weekly, monthly, or annually, etc.) and visualize the data in a clear dashboard, allowing you to compare results and take action accordingly.

Why WeZimplify? Because customer insights & data leverage your

Speed to market Growth and sales rate Customer engagement and loyalty Brand position and experience Ability to deliver sustainable products

The benefits of WeZimplify

Save time with automated “Health Checks” & survey templates, that consistently provide you with valuable customer insights

Make better decisions based on concrete and consistent data, leading to a higher success rate for your products and services

Strengthen your presence and communication with your customers, resulting in increased sales, customer engagement, and loyalty

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