WeZimplify Academy

Learning for better decision making

WeZimplify Academy is designed for those with a passion to make a positive impact on the environment & drive their company’s growth.

Our vision is to create a learning community which focuses on how customer insights & data can be used proactively to develop more sustainable services, increase business opportunities, and cultivate highly satisfied and engaged customers.

Stay ahead with the latest knowledge on customer experiences, sustainability, and new business opportunities through the use of data.

Sign up for our Online Academy and receive the latest learning videos, inspiration, and templates every month for 295 DKK, excluding VAT.

With WeZimplify Academy you get:

  • Professional videos with the latest knowledge in digitalization, sustainability, and customer experience, enabling you to create growth and value for your customers
  • Personal and professional reflection exercises after each video
  • Over 30 templates and guidelines for working with customer experience, innovation, and digitalization to support your daily work and enhance efficiency
  • Future network groups within various professional areas

WeZimplify Academy is for those who:

  • Want to make a difference when developing unique customer experiences
  • Want to make a difference with digital development and lead business growth
  • Want to lead and make a change with a strategic focus on customer insights, experiences, innovation and sustainability

Price: 295 DKK per month excluding VAT.