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Create customer groups

In WeZimplify, you can collect data either through your own customer groups or by sending a direct link to your customers without attaching it to a specific customer group. With the customer group feature, you can segment the customer data that you are already working with.

You can import all your customer data through a CSV file.

Automatic data collection with Health Checks

With WeZimplify Health Checks, you can work with the entire customer journey; from early sales to product usage & onboarding, and thereby create a unique customer experience.

Send a health check to prioritized customers or stakeholders and get automatic continuous input of your customers’ experiences with your company.

You have the ability to automatically collect data monthly, quarterly, yearly etc.

Get a real-time overview of data and proactively take action

Once you have received input from your customers and respondents, you will have access to data in a clear dashboard.

This data can be viewed for individual “Health Checks” as well as across various contact points, products, customer groups, and more.

The data will give you an overview of which touch points to improve on and where to create a more unique customer experience and base for growth.

You can either import the data in CSV format and use it together with other data or use the graphical data overview for each health check to strenthen your customer experience.

Additionally, you will receive continuous notifications and recommendations on actions you can take to enhance your customer experiences.

Learning for better decisions

At WeZimplify you get access to our Academy. It is designed for those, who are passionate about making a positive impact on the environment & driving their company’s growth through customer insights.

Our vision is to create a learning community that centers on using customer insights and data proactively to develop more sustainable services, increase business opportunities, and cultivate highly satisfied and engaged customers.

You can choose to use our online videos, guidelines or get inspiration in our articles.

“We have used WeZimplify to get new knowledge about our customer’s needs & challenges, when they install a new TV package. It has given us a better foundation to further develop the customer experience, when the customer starts with a new product…”
— Janni Kvist, YouSee

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